Chemical Monitoring Instrumentation

GE Healthcare Whatman™ Polydisc TF In-line Filters

Versatile, reusable filters designed for large volume samples X10 FILTER POLYDISC TF 50MMPTFE 10

Sartorius™ Sartopore™ 2 SartoScale Disposable PES Filter Disc

Perform reliable filterability trials of biopharmaceutical fluids with minimum volumes. Sartorius™ Sartopore™ 2 SartoScale Disposable PES Filter Disc feature orginal filter materials with an optimized design for reproducible results. Choose from several pore size and connector options. 5445358KS--FF--M SartoScale DisposalbeSartopore 2 0,1 µm (Pack of 3 pcs.)

GE Healthcare Amersham™ Protran™ NC Nitrocellulose Membranes: Rolls

Use this versatile nitrocellulose membrane for excellent binding affinity for small proteins and peptides, as well as nucleic acids. GE Healthcare Amersham™ Protran™ NC Nitrocellulose Membranes: Rolls offer excellent sensitivity, resolution, and low background. X10 Amersham Protran 0.2um Nitrocellulose 102mm x133mm sheets

Millipore™ MF-Millipore Membrane Filter

X500 MCE .45UM WH GD 47MM

Cole-Parmer™ 7200P Portable Hydrogen Detector


Merck Millipore Immobilon-PSQ PVDF Membrane

For western blotting dot blotting and other immunoblotting technique using Chemiluminescent, Chromogenic or Radioactive detection methods Immobilon PSQ PVDF Transfer Membrane, 0.2

EMD Millipore™ Durapore™ Membrane Filter

Strength, flexibility, and broad chemical compatibility for critical biological separations X50 DURAPORE PVDF 5UM WH PL 90MM

GE Healthcare Whatman™ HEPA-Cap Disposable Air Filtration Capsules

Retains 99.97% of all particles ;≥ 0.3 µm in air and gas streams. Whatman™ HEPA-Cap Disposable Air Filtration Capsules are used throughout the scientific, research and industrial environments in a variety of air and gas filtration applications where high retention, dirt-holding capacity and flow rates are required. HEPA-CAP 36 GMF

GE Healthcare Whatman™ HEPA-Vent Filter

Strengthened glass filter media by dual lamination with a tough polyester monofilament. Whatman™ HEPA-Vent Filters are ideal for air and gas filtration applications where high retention, dirt-holding capacity and flow rates are required. X10 HEPA-VENT GMF 50MM

Upchurch Scientific™ Precolumn Inline Filters

X1 Solvent filter pre-column SST with SST frit

Sartorius™ Midisart™ 2000 PTFE Air Filter

Designed for easy handling and maximum safety in air filtration. Sartorius™ Midisart™ 2000 PTFE Air Filter entirely eliminates moisture breakthrough because of its inherently hydrophobic PTFE membrane reinforced with polypropylene gauze. Stepped hose barb connectors ensure a simple and secure hold. X500 Filter unit Sartorius Midisart 2000 0.2µm

GE Healthcare Whatman™ Vacu-Guard Filter

Helps to confine and isolate infectious materials in vacuum systems and protect the laboratory. Whatman™ Vacu-Guard Filter protects vacuum pump systems from solvent vapor or gaseous contaminants and aqueous aerosols. X10 PUMP PROTECTOR VACUGUARD 60MM DISCPTFE membrane, polypropylene housing max pressure

GE Healthcare Whatman™ Polycap™ HD 36 Disposable Capsule Filters

Ensures a finishing step yielding high purity final product. Whatman™ Polycap™ HD 36 Capsule Filters are suitable for filtering chemical solutions across wide temperature and pH ranges. POLYCAP 36 HD MAPP 20.0UM

Dräger™ accuro™ Bellows Pump: Pump Only

Ergonomic design allows easy measurement of more than 350 gases—including formaldehyde Gas-detection pump accuro

Cole-Parmer™ PTFE In-Line Filter

In-line filter, 25U, 0.25-28 UNF

EMD Millipore™ Patch Test Kit Accessories and Replacement Parts

Accessories and replacement parts for Patch Test Kit WAXH BOT 500ML W/HOLE MOD.

GE Healthcare Whatman™ Polycap™ HD Disposable Capsules: 75 HD

Offers high filtration efficiency and excellent filtrate purity due to its materials and methods of manufacture. Whatman™ Polycap™ HD Disposable Capsules fit between gross filters and microporous membrane filters used for final filtration. X5 POLYCAP 75 1.0/5.0 HD D/D

GE Healthcare Whatman™ EPM 2000 Air Sampling Filters

Used in high-volume PM-10 sampling equipment. Whatman™ EPM 2000 Air Sampling Filters are manufactured from 100% pure borosilicate glass. They enable detailed chemical analysis of trace pollutants with minimal interference. X100 TYPE EPM-2000 FILT.4.7CM/100/

GE Healthcare Whatman™ Binder-Free Glass Microfiber Prefiters, Grade GF/D Sheets

Functions as a prefilter when used with GF/B microfiber filters. Whatman™ Binder-Free Glass Microfiber Prefilters, Grade GF/D Sheets provide efficient membrane protection, especially during liquid scintillation counting. X25 TYPE GF/D FILT.SHT.GLS.46X57CM

GE Healthcare Whatman™ Polydisc Inline Filters

Versatile, cost-effective filters designed for larger volume sample filtration X10 POLYDISC TF PTFE 0.2UM 50MM

GE Healthcare Whatman™ Quartz Air Sampling Filters, Grade QM-A, Circle

Used in many air sampling filter applications, including sampling of acidic gases, stacks, flues, and aerosols. Whatman™ Quartz Air Sampling Filters are sequentially numbered according to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards and are suitable for most applications. X100 QM-A Circles, 47mm

Whatman™ Filter

X250 3205 600X600MM 250/PK, 250/CS, MA: 10345482

GE Healthcare Whatman™ Polycap Disposable Capsules: 36TC

Polycap TC filters for sterile filtration of biological and tissue culture aqueous solutions X5 POLYCAP TM 150 0.2 PES

Whatman™ Vacu-Guard 150


GE Healthcare Whatman™ Polycap HD Disposable Capsules, 150 HD

Offers high filtration efficiency and excellent filtrate purity X5 POLYCAP 3/8 FNPTCONNECTIONS IN/

GE Healthcare Whatman™ Application Specific Filters

Acid-washed filter for the determination of trace elements (Mg, Mn, Co, Cu, Mo, B). X100 FOLDED FILTERS 0790 1/2150MM

GE Healthcare Whatman™ HEPA-CAP 150

inlet 3/8 in. FNPT, outlet 3/8 in. FNPT HEPA-CAP 150 CAPSULE

Whatman™ Sterile Membrane

ME25/91 Sterile membrane 0.45µm diam50mm, 1/CsMA: 10407379

GE Healthcare Whatman™ Polycap Disposable Capsules, 75 AS

Polycap 75 AS filters for filtration of aqueous solutions POLYCAP 75 AS GMF NYLON 0.2UM ST