Oven Accessories

BUCHI GL-14 Hose Barbs for Rotavapor™ R-300

For use with Rotavapor™ R-300. X4 House Nipple GL14 cpl (4)

BUCHI Glass Vapor Ducts

Vapour Duct For Ball Tubes

Thermo Scientific™ Vacutherm™ Oven Accessories and Options

Choose from a range of accessories and options for Vacutherm™ ovens to meet application-specific requirements.


Thermo Scientific™ Support Stands for Thermo Scientific™ Heratherm Ovens and Incubators

Support stands with casters SUBFRAME W/COASTER HERATHERM 60

Binder™ Vacuum Pump Connection Kit

Binder™ Vacuum Pump Connection Kit is suitable for vacuum pump VP 1.1, VP 2.1, and VP 3.1. Vacuum pump connection kit - for vacuum pump VP 1.1, VP 2.1, VP 3.1; consisting of aluminum clamping

Thermo Scientific™ Shelves for Heratherm™ Ovens and Incubators

Perforated and wire mesh shelves PERFORATED SS SHELF IMH/IGS750

BUCHI Cooling Jackets

Cooling Device

BUCHI Sublimation Accessories

Sublim. Access. B-580 Cpl.

Memmert™ Vacuum Oven Thermoshelf

Additional aluminium thermoshelf for VO49

Leec™ Spare Mesh Shelf and Bracket

Shelf LEEC L13 chromium plated wire mesh for

BUCHI Glass Bulb Tube Middles

Bulb with 2 openings 40ml

UVP Ultra Violet Product Bottle Oversize Carousel

Provides accurate and consistent temperature control, variable rotation speed for four 70 x 300mm bottles Oversize Bottle Carousel for hybridisation oven

Thermo Scientific™ Silicone-free Viton™ Door Sealing for Thermo Scientific™ Heratherm™ Incubators and Ovens

For use with Thermo Scientific™ Heratherm™ Incubators and Ovens VITON SEALING HERATHERM SERIE 400

Memmert™ Temperature Accessories for Oven

A range of cooled incubators incorporating Peltier technology 4-20mA current loop interface Temperature controller, actual value, for HPP110

BINDER™ Pt 100 Temperature Sensor

BINDER™ Pt 100 Temperature Sensor is an additional flexible Pt 100 for use with BD 23 and BD 400 Standard Incubators. Pt 100 temperature sensor - additional Pt 100, with flexible cable installed with external connectio

UVP Product Carousel UVP For Oversize Bottle


LMS™ Extra Shelves for Cooled Incubator

LMS™ Cooled Incubators come with a wide range of factory-fitted optional accessories and other extras to cater for individual requirements and even more operational flexibility. SHELF FOR OVEN 90L

BUCHI Drying Accessories

Modif.Set From Dest. To Drying

BUCHI Connection Cocks

Connection Cock 3-Way Gl14

Medline Oil Mist Trap

Oil mist trap

BUCHI Screw Cuppling Set

Screw Cuppling Set

Genlab™ Cabinet Shelf

Shelf for DC1000 cabinet


BINDER™ HEPA Air Filter is an accessory for unit FED 400 Drying and Heating Chamber. HEPA air filter - class H14 filter (according to EN 1822, min. 99.995 %)