Ansell Edmont™ DermaShield™ 73-711 Series Green Neoprene Gloves

Made from a proprietary poly-choroprene blend. Ansell™ DermaShield™ 73-711 Series Green Neoprene Gloves are ideal for ISO class 5 (class 100) environments. 200 PAIR Gloves Dermashield disposable size 7.5

Ansell™ Barrier™ Gloves

Provides excellent chemical resistance to most type of chemicals including warfare agents and biological hazards. Ansell™ Barrier™ Gloves include welded-on plastic ring for mounting in the Trellchem™ Bayonet ring system. Gloves Barrier re-useable chemical resistantpowder free LLDPE style grey size 10 Ansell,

Ansell Edmont™ Kevlar™ Yellow Over Sleeves

sleeves yellow L: 356mm (12x12 pcs)

Ansell Edmont™ String Knits™ 76-200 Series White Nylon Light Weight Gloves


Ansell Edmont™ Microchem™ 4000 Coveralls with Hood and Face Seal

Fits full-face respirators and creates a close seal. Ansell Edmont™ Microchem™ 4000 Coveralls with Hood and Face Seal protect against dangerously concentrated chemicals and biological agents. X8 Microgard 4000-GREEN COVERALL FACESEAL GLV 151-G02.2XL

Ansell Edmont™ Microgard™ 1500 Plus FR Coveralls with Hood

Provides a good barrier to particuates and low hazard liquid sprays and splashes. Ansell Edmont™ Microgard™ 1500 Plus FR Coveralls with Hood are fllame retardant, but must be worn over thermal protective garments. X30 Microgard 15FR-WR PLUS COVERALL HOOD 111.2XL

Ansell™ AlphaTec™ Medium Duty Nitrile Coated Gloves

Used for incidental exposure to lubricants and cleaning agents in industrial settings X12 PAIR COTTON FLOCK LINED NITRILE SHEL 320MM GREEN/GRAY SIZE 7

Ansell Edmont™ Microgard™ 1500 Red Coveralls with Hood

Strip, clear up and handle asbestos safely. Ansell Edmont™ Microgard™ 1500 Coveralls with Hood filter particles as small as 3μ X40 Microgard 1500-RED COVERALL HOOD 138.3XL

Ansell™ KSR™ Vinyl-Coated Gloves

Light, flexible, and comfortable X12 P GLOVES KSR 22-515 SZ8

Ansell™ Hycron™ Nitrile-Coated Gloves

Soft and comfortable X12 P GLOVES HYCRON 27-600 SZ9

Ansell™ ThermaPrene™ Gloves

Neoprene coating protects against a wide range of chemicals 1 PAIR THERMAPRENE GLOVE L66CM 10

Ansell™ HyFlex™ Ultra Light Level 2 Cut Resistant Nylon Gloves

For ultra fine mechanical applications in variety of industries where mid-level performance cut resistance is needed 12 pairs Gloves Hyflex Nylon Grey 208-254mm Size10

Ansell Edmont™ Microgard™ 2000 Standard Green Coveralls with Hood

Allows perspiration to escape from the suit yet withstands saturation of liquid chemicals. Ansell Edmont™ Microgard™ 2000 Standard Green Coveralls with Hood filter 100% of particulates down to 0.01 microns in size. X40 Microgard 2000-GREEN STD COVERALL HOOD 111.3XL

Ansell Edmont™ Microchem™ 3000 Coveralls with Hood and Integrated Socks

Constructed of three layers of strong, soft fabric with ultrasonically welded seams. Ansell Edmont™ Microchem™ 3000 Coveralls with Hood and Integrated Socks is a barrier for liquids, sprays, and even class 1 radioactive particulates. X15 Microgard 3000-YELLOW COVERALL HOOD SOCKS 122.3XL