Focus on Fisherbrand


Focus on Chromatography

Delivering convenience, quality and choice to help chromatographers achieve more reliable and efficient sample analysis

 Focus on Chromatography (39 MB)

Fisherbrand Focus on Chromatography

This brochure is dedicated to providing you with a comprehensive overview of our chromatography portfolio from

  • Fisherbrand
    • Vials and closures
    • Crimping and decapping tools
    • Vial racks and storage boxes
    • Microplates
    • Chromatography solvents and reagents
  • Fisher Chemical
    • Optima™ solvents for UHPLC-MS
    • Optima™ solvents for LC-MS
    • Blended Optima™ solvents for LC-MS
    • Optima™ reagents and additives for LC-MS
    • Solvents for routine LC-MS applications
    • Solvents for UHPLC-UV
    • Solvents for gradient HPLC
    • Solvents for additional HPLC applications

It also features useful technical resources such as:

  • Chromatography workflow
  • Physical characteristics of vial and closure materials
  • Chemical compatibilities of vial and closure materials
  • Autosampler compatibility chart
  • Headspace autosampler compatibility chart
  • Fisher Chemical chromatography solvent selection guide
  • A guide to Isocratic HPLC grade solvents
  • A guide to Solvents and blends for other chromatography applications
  • Reagents selection guide
  • FAQ’s

Furthermore, in the ‘Fisherbrand Supplement’ section you can view additional products from the Fisherbrand family such as bottles, containers and tubes for sample collection; balances, water baths, centrifuges and vortex mixers, pipettors & pipette tips for sample preparation; and gloves and lab coats as part of our safety range.


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