Corning™ Unbehandelte 1.536-Well Mikrotiterplatten aus Cycloolefin-Copolymer

X50 Microplate, 1536 Well, COC, White, Not Treatedno Lid, Nonsterile, Bulk

Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ 384-Shallow Well Standard Height Polypropylene Microplates

Lower spending when storing compounds for small volume applications by using Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ 384-Shallow Well Standard Height Polypropylene Microplates. 384 ShallowWell Platten, Standardhöhe, PP, naturVE=25 Stück

Thermo Scientific Sterilin™ Clear Microtiter™ Plates

Store and transport samples or perform microbiology screenings, EIA/absorbance assays and serology work with 96-well Thermo Scientific™ Sterilin™ Clear Microtiter™ Plates. Deckel für Mikrotiterplatten von Sterilin, PS, mitKondensationsringen, steril verpackt (VE=50)

Eppendorf™ 1000 μl-96-Well-DeepWell-PCR-Platten aus sterilem Polypropylen

Deepwell Platten, 96 Well 1000µl, Typ Steril,grün, VE=5x 4 Stück

Corning™ Fugenlose 1536-Well Multiwell-Platten

Ensure precision liquid handling X50 1536-Well plate, PS, White, TC-Treated, Lid, Sterile, 10/bag

Thermo Scientific™ Armadillo™ 96-Well-PCR-Platte

Optimize robotic applications with these ultra-rigid 96-well PCR plates with U-bottom wells, available in various colors. X25 PLATE PCR 96 CLR WELLS ORA

Corning™ 96-Well Nonbinding Surface (NBS™) Mikrotiterplatten

Treated with a Corning proprietary treatment technology to create a nonionic hydrophilic surface (polyethylene oxide-like) that minimizes molecular interactions. Corning™ 96-Well Nonbinding Surface (NBS™) Microplates are ideal for reducing proteing and nucleic acid binding at low concentrations, and increasing assay signal to noise. X100 96 well plates Pack a 100 Stück Nr. 3641

Applied Biosystems™ MicroAmp™ EnduraPlate™ Optical 96-Well Fast Multicolor Reaction Plates with Barcode

Ideal solution for work that requires special handling and an even greater degree of durability for use with multi-instrument experiments X500 FAST 96W HARDSHELL MULTI-COLOR

Corning™ CellBIND™ Oberflächenmikroplatten

Treated with CellBIND™ to help cells adapt to reduced serum or serum-free media and improve cell attachment for increased cell growth and yield. Corning™ CellBIND™ Surface Microplates are constructed of clear polystyrene for optimum visibility and are available in multiple well formats. X50 Cell Culture Plate, 6 well, Corning® CellBIND®

Corning™ Undurchsichtige 384-Well Mikrotiterplatten mit für kleine Volumen

Same low reagent volumes as 1536-well plates without the need for new instrumentation X100 Microplate Corning low volume nbs non-sterile

Corning™ 1536-Well Gewebekultur-behandelte Polystyrolplatten

Features excellent signal dynamic range due to low background fluorescence and enhanced signal intensity. Corning™1536-Well Tissue Culture-Treated Polystyrene Plates provide superior flatness which minimizes variability within a plate and between plates. X100 1536- Well Plate, COC, Black Clear Bottom, TC Treated, no Lid, Sterile, Bulk

Corning™ 384-Well Mikrotiterplatten für geringe Volumen aus Polystyrol

High-base design is compatible with automation and bar coding X50 Microplate 384 well, Low Volume, Black/ Clear

Corning™ 384-Well Mikrotiterplatten für die optische Bildgebung

Ideal for whole cell or subcellular high content screening Mikrotiterplatte 384 Well low Vol., PS, schwarz,Barcode, fl. Boden, VE=50 St.

Falcon™ FlouroBlok™ 96-Well HTS-Einsatzsysteme

Simplify detection of migrating fluorescently labeled cells. Corning™ Falcon™ FlouroBlok™96 Well HTS Insert Systems are designed with a unique light-tight PET membrane that blocks the transmission light within the range of 400 to 700nm. Companion Platten für 96-well Membranein-satzsystem, Flachboden (VE=5Stck.)

Thermo Scientific™ Voll gerahmte 384-Well-PCR-Platten

Reduce well-to-well variability with 384-Well PCR Plate Full Skirted PCR Plates, thin walled for efficient heat transfer and compatible with most major thermal cyclers. X25 FULLY SKIRTED STANDARD 384, BARCODED, 25 ST.

Thermo Scientific™ 96-Well Non-Skirted Plates

96-well non-skirted plates for use in PCR and qPCR applications. Available with black lettering for improved sample tracking during pipetting. Thermo-Fast® 96 PCR Plate Non-Skirted, black(VE=25Stck.)

Gibco™ Collagen I, Coated Plate, 6 well

Collagen I, Coated Plate, 6 well X5 Collagen I, coated plate, 6 well store at roomRat tail collagen I is uniformly coated on tissue

Applied Biosystems™ MicroAmp™ EnduraPlate™ Optical 96-Well Clear Reaction Plates with Barcode

Ideal solution for work that requires special handling and an even greater degree of durability for use with multi-instrument experiments X500 96-WELL HARD SHELL PLATE CLEAR

Thermo Scientific™ Transparente Immuno Standardmodule

Für Anwendungen, die Well-zu-Well-Reproduzierbarkeit erfordern, dienen die transparenten Immuno Standardmodule. Hergestellt für Standardausrüstung. Immuno Module, transparent, C8 StarWell, PolySorpVE=60 Stück

Thermo Scientific™ Platten und Module mit Oberflächen für kovalente Bindungen

Thermo Scientific™ Plates and Modules with Covalent Binding Surfaces X30 Nunc Immobilizer Amino, F384, transparent

Corning™ Mikrotiterplatten aus Polystyrol mit Beschichtung aus Poly-D-Lysin

Promote cell attachment PLy-D-Lysine Plate, 384 Well, Solid White/ClearST

Corning™ Costar™ schwarze oder weiße 96-Well-Feststoffplatten

Manufactured from medical grade polystyrene for strength. Corning™ 96-Well Black or White Polystyrene Microplates are used for florescent and luminescent assays. Lot tested for opacity and low fluorescent/luminescent background. X100 96-well plate, PS, White, Flat Bottom, Not Treated, no Lid, Nonsterile, Bulk

Corning™ Costar™ 96-Well-Mikrotiterplatte mit transparentem rundem Boden und extrem niedriger Befestigung

Covalently bonded hydrogel minimizes cell attachment, protein absorption, enzyme activation and cellular activation. Corning™ 96-Well Clear Ultra Low Attachment Microplates allow for lentivirus transduction of human osteoclast precursor cells. 96-Well Mikroplatten, geringe Bindung, PS, runderBoden, klar, steril, Deckel VE=24

Corning™ X50 1536 Well 10 μl Assay Mikroplatten schwarz, .

Ideal for a wide variety of HTS miniaturized assays X50 1536 Well 10 µl Assay Mikroplatten schwarz,

Eppendorf™ 384-Well Twin Tec PCR-Mikrotiterplatte aus Polypropylen, U-Form

Eppendorf twin.tec PCR Plate 384, skirted,(Wellsfarblos), blau (VE=25Stck.)

Corning™ 384-Well Low Flange Polystyrene Microplates

For use with fluorescent assays with detection microplate reader. Corning™ 384-Well Low Flange Polystyrene Microplates have low background fluorescence, minimal light scatter and reduced crosstalk. Microplate, 384 Well, Polystyrene, White/Clear Flat Bottom, Square Wells,TC-Treated,with Lid,Sterile

Thermo Scientific™ Thermo-Tube™ PCR-Platten

Twelve rows of eight 0.2 mL Thermo-strips pre-assembled into a retainer plate to allow easy removal of tube strips from thermal cycler block after PCR. Thermo-Tube Plate (CP), 25 plates

Corning™ BioCoat™ Poly-D-Lysine/Laminin Multiwell-Platte

Designed to closely mimic in vivo environments and enhance expression of cell-specific morphology BIOCOAT Poly-D-Lysin/Laminin - 6-well (VE=5Stck.)

Eppendorf™ Konische 384-Deepwell Protein LowBind Platte aus Polypropylen

Deepwell Platten, 384 Well 200µl, Typ ProteinLoBind, weiss, VE=5x 8 Stück

Corning™ Costar™ 96-Well-Halbflächenplatten

Saves on valuable reagents by reducing the amount of reagent required per well, while retaining the ability to be read in standard microplate readers. Corning™ 96-Well Half Area Microplates are an economical solution for all of your assay diagnostic needs and are available in different colors and treatments. Mehrfachkulturschalen,TC, 96-well,F, ? Oberfläche,mit Deckel (VE=100Stck.)