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Chromatography – Optimize the chromatography performance by choosing the suitable Fisher Chemical solvents grade

Fisher Chemical offers a wide range of solvents and reagents grade to meet the challenges of chromatography.


  • Optima LC/MS grade offers the highest level of LC/MS performance for consistent, reproducible performance in the mobile phase for LC/MS : solvents, mobile phase blends, reagents & additives. Try the new improved Optima LC/MS grade for Acetonitrile, Methanol & Water with Innovative LC/UV Gradient test, UHPLC suitability and low particulate levels <0.1µ.
  • UHPLC gradient grade: Outstanding high UV transmission, low baseline noise at 210nm and 254nm,lower acidity/alkalinity level, lower residue after evaporation level, and filtered to 0.1μ.
  • Advanced Gradient Grade: Suitable for HPLC gradient grade pumps for analysis requiring very low baseline (drift baseline tested), featuring low acidity/alkalinity level and filtered to 0.2µ.
  • HPLC Gradient Grade: Suitable for HPLC gradient grade pumps for routine analysis, with high UV transmission and filtered to 0.2μ.

The Laboratory Reagents Handbook reflects the choice of Fisher Chemical solvents and reagents available from Fisher Scientific

  • Reference handbook for the analytical chemist on the bench and includes


  • Over 4400 Fisher Chemical products dedicated to many analytical application including more than 250 new products as Optima LC/MS solvents and high purity acids for Trace Elemental analysis
    • Color coded application
    • Physical & Chemical data
    • Hazard, packaging and storage information
    • Specification
  • The full Fisher BioReagents product range. Find out more here »
  • Two classifications – to simplify your searches
    • Classification by applications
    • Alphabetical classification and quality  in decreasing order




    Exceed the detection limit in trace elemental analysis

    Fisher Chemical high-purity acids meet the most challenging applications, including AAS, ICP and ICP-MS.

    • Optima Acids (1-100ppt): Highest purity, lowest metal content, and suitable for ICP-MS.
    • Trace Metal Grade (0,1-1ppb): Superior purity, exceptional value, and suitable for ICP.
    • Primar Plus Acids (1-10 ppb): Perfect choice for routine applications.

    Discover our Specialised Chemical Services

    To scale up your Fisher Chemical requirements to Bulk and Semi-bulk purchases please visit our Specialised Chemical Services page, where you can also find out about our capabilities in manufacturing bespoke products such as tailored solvents, solvent blends and solutions, testing services, customised packaging and labelling.


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    About Fisher Chemical

    Whatever your field of activity make Fisher Scientific your partner of choice for chemicals and reagents.

    Fisher Chemical offers a comprehensive portfolio of solvents and reagents for laboratories engaged in research, development and analysis at any level: from routine analysis, chromatography and trace elemental work to drug toxicology studies, proteomics and environmental testing.

    Fisher Chemical supplies chemicals and reagents needed on a daily basis to meet the analytical challenges which are:

    • Maintain low contamination levels to achieve maximum performance in Liquid Chromatography & Trace Elemental analysis
    • Improve detection limits for the most demanding analytical applications
    • Obtain accurate, reproducible results faster, safer and easier.