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Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ His Protein Interaction Pull-Down Kit

Easily capture and affinity purify binding partners of His-tagged fusion proteins using nickel-chelate (Ni-IDA) agarose beads and this complete reagent set.

Brand:  Thermo Scientific™ 21277

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Thermo Scientific™ Pierce PolyHis Protein Interaction Pull-Down Kit purifies protein interaction complexes involving practically any user-supplied His-tagged fusion protein.

The PolyHis Protein Interaction Pull-Down Kit contains the necessary components to capture and purify proteins that interact with recombinant proteins containing a histidine (6xHis) fusion tag. You provide the tagged fusion protein (bait) and cells expressing the putative protein interaction target (prey), and the pull-down kit supplies everything else: cell lysis buffer, microcentrifuge spin columns, cobalt-IMAC affinity resin (agarose beads), optimized binding and elution buffers, and a detailed protocol. This kit is designed to teach the method to first-time users and to increase ease-of-use, convenience and reproducibility for experienced researchers.


  • 6xHis pull-down – purifies protein interactors of any His-tagged fusion protein

  • Complete kit – provides all components and detailed protocol for purifying protein:protein interactions

  • No special equipment needed – uses common laboratory equipment and reagents (e.g., microcentrifuge)

  • Convenient – microcentrifuge spin columns facilitate simple and efficient manipulation of cobalt IMAC agarose beads, including simple processing of multiple samples

  • Flexible – instructions include protocols for bait and prey proteins from different sources


Cobalt chelate agarose resin, lysis buffer, TBS pack, imidazole solution for elution, microcentrifuge spin columns and collection tubes

Recommended for:

Discover a new protein:protein interaction from a cell lysate; Confirm a putative interaction from a cell lysate or with a previously purified protein; Extract protein:protein interaction information from in vitro transcription/translation lysates



Pull-Down (Tag-Based)
1 Kit
25 reactions
Pull-Down Kit
Affinity Purification
Not Target-Specific