Tracking an Order

If you don’t have an account​, try our single-order lookup feature to find and track your order and delivery. Click 'Order Status' above the blue bar at the top of the site and search using your order number and post code. From the 'Order Details' page, click 'Manage Notifications' to sign up for email notifications for that order. Or, click 'Reorder These Items' to buy those products again.

If you have an account, you can check on its progress by signing in and visiting your 'Account Dashboard', accessible from the 'My Account' dropdown. From this page, you can choose to receive automatic email updates on order statuses, shipments, deliveries, and more by setting your preferences in the 'Email Notifications' box.

Alternatively, view live tracking information and other order details from the 'Order Status' page, which can be accessed from the 'My Account' dropdown. Order search results are sorted into three tabs for your convenience:

  • Orders — view results by order
  • Items — view results by actual items you have ordered
  • Invoices — view results by invoice date

While on the 'Orders' tab, click 'View Details' to open the details for any particular order.


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