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Riedel-de Haën’s high-purity Chromasolv™ product lines


Riedel-de Haën’s high-purity Chromasolv™ product lines deliver superior purity, stability and lot-to-lot consistency, making them ideal for a variety of analytical and preparative separations utilizing LC-MS, HPLC, GPC and Spectrophometric analysis.

Chromasolv LC-MS Solvents

Designed specifically with low content of alkaline impurities, such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium, which can interfere in the analysis by forming artifacts with the analyte.

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Chromasolv Plus

Our multipurpose version, is tested for suitability in HPLC with gradient analysis, spectrophotometry, environmental testing, and some LC-MS applications.

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Chromasolv Gradient

Chromasolv Gradient solvents provide added testing for suitability in HPLC with gradient analysis and spectrophotometry, and eliminate any impurity peaks which could be caused by the solvent rather than by the compound being tested — solvent impurity peaks are less than 0.005 absorbent units.

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Chromasolv for HPLC

Chromasolv for HPLC instrumentation and organic synthesis applications. These HPLC solvents are glass distilled, submicron filtered and undergo rigorous specification testing to provide you with lot-to-lot consistency.

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