Bolle Safety

Over-the-Glasses Safety Glasses, OTG

Enjoy guaranteed maximum safety for all, including wearers of prescription glasses, with Bolle Protection™ Polycarbonate Safety Glasses, Over The Glasses (OTG), also featuring a highly wrap-around and attractive style. Safety overspectacles LPSI for visitors, or wearing over prescription glasses polycarbonate low

Bolle Protection™ Rush RUSHPSF Safety Glasses

Safety spectacles, light, panoramicfield, made to EN166 polycarbonate low energy

Bolle Protection™ Metal Nickel Free Frame, Polycarbonate Lens Safety Glasses

Wear Bolle Protection™ Metal Nickel Free Frame, Polycarbonate Lens Safety Glasses featuring Contour metal, which is stylish and effective. SAFETY GLASSES CONTOUR METAL SMOKY

Bolle Protection™ Contour Metal Safety Glasses

Wear the stylish and effective Bolle Protection™ Coutour Metal Safety Glasses as a protection that filters ultraviolet radiation found in outdoor weather. SAFETY GLASSES CONTOUR METAL ESPanti-rayures

Bolle Protection™ Soliflash


Bolle Protection™ B-Line Safety Glasses


Bolle Protection™ Contour™ Safety Glasses

Filters 61% blue light, 63% visible light and 100% UVB/UVA. Bolle Protection™ Contour™ Safety safety glasses have a comfort nose bridge. SAFETY GLASSES CONTOUR ESP

Bolle Protection™ Polycarbonate Frame Polycarbonate Lens, AXIS

Wear sport-inspired Bolle Protection™ Polycarbonate Frame Polycarbonate Lens, AXIS to considerably reduce eye strain. SAFETY GLASSES AXIS CONTRAST

Bolle Protection™ Mamba Safety Glasses

Technology-approved for permanent wear and certified with perfect optical quality with anti-fog and antiscratch coatings, the Bolle Protection™ Mamba Safety Glasses offer 99.9% UVA/UVB protection. SAFETY GLASSES MAMBA COLORLESS

Bolle Protection™ Towelling Changeable Hygienic


Bolle Protection™ Dispenser

DISPENSER BOLLE SAFETY GLASSESWALL MOUNTED CASEaluminium capable of storing up to 10 pairs

Bolle Protection™ Spider Safety Glasses

Provides protection at all times while offering unbeatable comfort. Bolle Protection™ Spider Safety Glasses are stylish and easy-to-wear. X10 SAFETY GLASSES SLAM

Bolle Protection™ Iritwi Polycarbonate Safety Glasses

Safety Spectacle Iris Twilight Platinum Lens

Bolle Protection™ Solis SOLIPSF Safety Glasses


Bolle Protection™ Silium Safety Glasses

Manufactured by Bolle Protection™, Silium Safety Glasses have a metal frame, 160% Flex, non-slip TIPGRIP temples and an adjustable, non-slip bridge. SAFETY GLASSES SILIUM SMOKY

Bolle Protection™ Polycarbonate Goggle, Sealed

Achieve ergonomic comfort within a stylish design, with the Bolle Protection™ Polycarbonate Goggle, Sealed. The goggles offer a high level of protection and a sealed frame. GOGGLE BOLLE ATTACK ANTI FOG LENS, VENTED POLYCARBonate lens Clear

Bolle Protection™ Nylon/PC/TPR FrameSafety Glasses

Enjoy wrap-around fit with no visual interference with the BOle Protection™ Nylon/PC/TPR Frame Safety Glasses, which offer 180° vision and perfect optical quality. SAFETY GLASS COBRA CLEAR ANTI-SLIP

Bolle Protection™ Safety Glasses


Bolle Protection™ Polycarbonate Safety Glasses

Wear the ultra-comfortable and technical Bolle Protection™ Polycarbonate Safety Glasses. They offer historic and unique protective options in the safety glasses range. X10 SAFETY GLASSES VIPER

Bolle Protection™ Polyester Goggle Fit Case

Store safety goggles in the Bolle Protection™ Polyester Goggle Fit Case, a convenient accessory in which to transport your safety goggles when not wearing them. GOGGLE CASE SOFT BLACK POLYESTER

Bolle Safety Coverall Safety Goggles

For clean rooms. Bolle Safety Coverall Safety Goggles developed for high protection and comfort in risky environments, like pharmaceutics, micro-electronics and surgery departments. X5 Coverall clear lenses cleanroom goggle BOLLE

Bolle Protection™ Atom Model Polycarbonate Safety Goggle

Goggles blue ATOM lightweight safety, equaliser


For 120 years, Bollé Safety has been one of the indisputable leaders in the safety eyeglasses market.

Established in 1888 in Oyonnax in the Ain region of France, Bollé has just begun its second century of business.

Bollé has become a byword for quality and enjoys a glowing international reputation for sports, safety eyeglasses and protective eyewear.

Our plant is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, enabling our brand of safety eyeglasses to be accepted by clients in many countries all over the globe.

It is an unrivalled nylon specialist and can proudly claim to produce the finest lens surface treatment in the world, selling more than 5 million pairs of safety eyeglasses and protective eyewear every year...