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Invitrogen™ Silencer™ Select Human Membrane Trafficking siRNA Library

The Silencer Select Human Membrane Trafficking siRNA Library contains 426 Invitrogen™ Silencer Select siRNAs targeting 142 genes.

Brand:  Invitrogen™ A30138

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Why use the Silencer Select Human Membrane Trafficking siRNA Library?Together with careful bioinformatics selection of gene targets, Silencer Select siRNAs are optimized with latest design algorithms, proprietary chemical modifications and high quality synthesis to help ensure desired RNAi outcomes. The Silencer Select Human Membrane Trafficking siRNA Library contains our pre-designed and when available, validated siRNAs generated with highest potency and specificity in mind so you can focus on the highest data quality backed by the best in industry guarantee.Silencer Select siRNA libraries empower you with highly potent siRNAs to maximize discovery with even lessInvitrogen Silencer Select siRNAs are designed with the highest potency of available siRNAs, resulting in 100-fold more potent siRNAs and allowing gene knockdowns at the lowest concentrations. The highly potent Silencer Select siRNAs allow you to use even lower concentrations of siRNAs, which helps to minimize off target effects, reduce false negative data and maximize siRNA library output for additional screens and data validation. The Silencer Select Human Membrane Trafficking siRNA Library contains 0.25 nmol of each highly potent siRNA, sufficient for at least 500 transfections (at 5 nM siRNA, 100 μL transfection volume).
The Silencer Select siRNAs are designed using Thermo Fisher Scientific’s leading algorithms—along with our novel locked nucleic acid (LNA) chemical modifications, this helps to maximize the efficacy, specificity and potency required for RNAi screening against genes integral to membrane trafficking.
  • Superior efficacy—Reduce off target effects by up to 90% due to latest design algorithms and LNA chemical modifications
  • Highest efficiency—Perform knockdown studies with 100-fold more potent siRNAs than currently available siRNAs
  • Dependable —Achieve faster discoveries via consistency of gene knockdown and reliability of phenotypic results
  • Convenient—Reduce data de-convolution and accelerate target validation with our arrayed format
  • Customizable—Choose the best option for your workflow demands, including additional siRNA scales and pooled formats


426 total siRNAs targeting 142 genes plated onto 96-well plates (6 plates)

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures