Chromatography Instruments

Cytiva INV-907 Injection Kit

Range of manual and automated valves to meet variety of performance requirements.

Cytiva AKTA Start Chromatography System

AKTA start is an easy-to-use chromatography system that automates manual purification procedures using for example HiTrap columns.

Cytiva INV-907 ETFE Titanium Fill Port

Used for small samples.  Cytiva INV-907 ETFE Titanium Fill Port is designed for biocompatibillity.

SGE™ GC Inlet FocusLiners™

Results in lower mass discrimination

Diba Omnifit™ Connectors with Valve

2-way, 3-way Hex, 3-way single key (T), and large-to-small universal connectors with valves

Cytiva Polypropylene Screw Lid GL45 Kit

Used to secure containers. Cytiva Polypropylene Screw lid GL45 Kit comes with screw lid and cap membrane.

Cytiva Inlet filter holder kit

Use as filter holder for buffer inlet tubes.   Cytiva Lifescience™ Inlet filter holder kit is an important chromatography accessory.

Thermo Scientific™ Bottom-of-the-Bottle™ Solvent Filters

Protect your HPLC system with Thermo Scientificâ„¢ Bottom-of-the-Bottleâ„¢ Solvent Filters.

Cytiva Frac30 Model Fraction Collector

Used as a round fraction collector. Cytiva Frac30 Model Fraction Collector allows you to collect up to 30 fractions.

Thermo Scientific™ LinerGOLD™ GC Liners

Use the gold-standard LinerGOLD; GC Liners for consistently high accuracy, sensitivity, and precision in your gas chromatography (GC) analysis.

Cytiva Cassette

For use with the Fraction collector F9-C and the ÄKTA avant chromatography system. Cytiva Cassettes are available for Deep-Well Plates or 3mL Tubes for large-scale processing of samples in chromatography applications. Pack of 2.

Cytiva Peristaltic Pump

Provides flow rates up to 5mL/min. Cytiva Peristaltic Pump is a single-channel peristaltic pump that consists of a four-roller pump head that delivers accurate, low pulsation flow rates. For use in ÄTKA™ chromatography systems, e.g. ÄKA Start.

Cytiva PEEK Sample Loops

Resists organic solvents and salt buffers commonly used in chromatography of biomolecules. Cytiva Life Sciences™ PEEK Sample Loops are an important accessory for chromatography applications.

Cytiva Inlet Filter Kit

Filters for buffer inlets as used with Inlet filter holder kit. Cytiva Inlet Filter Kit is a set of 5 polypropylene filters with 5 support screens.

Cytiva ÄKTA™ High Flow Kit

Higher flow rates at lower back pressure. Cytiva ÄKTA™ High Flow Kit contains the necessary components and software to reduce backpressure in the system, thereby allowing higher flow rates.

Thermo Scientific™ Injection Port Liners for Agilent GC Instruments

Use these injection port liners to optimize performance of Agilent GC instruments.

Cytiva Superloop™ Glass Tubes

Replacement part for Superloop™ assemblies. Cytiva Superloop™ Glass Tubes are graduated borosilicate tubes with thread and groove for use in either 10mL or 50mL Superloops.

Thermo Scientific™ pH Gradient Buffers

Robust reproducible gradients that are applicable to a wide range of MAbs and ready to use with existing LC columns and systems, without the need to formulate mobile phases.

Cytiva Sample Loop Kit

Set of 5 loops for loading/injecting samples onto a chromatography column. Cytiva Sample Loop Kit is a set of small PTFE loops (25, 50, 100, 200, 500μL capacities) for use with autosampler/injections valves (e.g. Valve V-7) and ÄKTA™ Chromatography Systems.

Cytiva Online Filter Holder

Used with classic ÄKTA systems.  Cytiva Online Filter Holder is fitted between the mixer and the injection valve.

Cytiva Hg Lamp and Housing

Used as accessory for UV monitoring in chromatagraphic systems. Cytiva Hg Lamp and Housing includes lamp and aperture.

SGE™ Split Liner With Quartz Wool

For various GC Instruments

Cytiva Sample loops

Fitted FEP tubing sample loops. Cytiva Sample loops supplied with ferrules and unions. 

Cytiva Borosilicate Glass Tube

Used for superloop. Cytiva Borosilicate Glass Tube is 150mL.

Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ Cytochrome C Digest

Thermo Scientific™ Dionex Cytochrome C Digest is lyophilized.

Trajan™ Split / Splitless Tapered FocusLiner for Agilent

The unique deactivation process of SGE inlet liners provides excellent analysis for a wide range of compounds

Cytiva Fluoro Plastics Fluoro Rubber Glass Superloop

Introduce large sample volumes into a pressurised fluid LC system.  Cytiva Fluoro Plastics Fluoro Rubber Glass Superloop is used together with the injection valve MV-7, INV-907, V9-Inj, or V9H-Inj and replaces a simple sample loop.

Cytiva Borosilicate Glass Ethylene Propylene Complete Superloop

Use with aqueous solutions and alcohols.  Cytiva Lifescience™ Borosilicate Glass Ethylene Propylene Complete Superloop contains a springloaded valve made from titanium.