Bead Mills and Bead Kits

Bead mills are typically used for the lysis laboratory samples that are very difficult to disrupt with standard mechanical homogenisers. The combination of the rotational effect and the grinding beads produces a faster, more effective lysing / homogenisation process for biological samples.

Wave Motion Shaker

Range of gentle or vigorous agitation makes this shaker suitable for a wide variety of applications. Features easy to adjust tilt angle with a single set screw adjustment.

Multi Platform Shaker

The Fisherbrand multi-platform shaker has a a smooth orbital shaking action and a wide variety of optional accessories. Applications include biomedical or biopharmaceutical labs, cultivations of cells, extracting, dissolving slow reacting samples, tissue culture of analytical diagnostics, rotating closed containers for dialysis, bacterial growth.

Fixed Speed Nutating Mixer

Fisherbrand nutating mixer delivers gentle uniform mixing of fluids in tubes, plates, culture flasks and dishes. Fixed speed of 18 or 20rpm.

Mini Tube Rotator

Fisherbrand mini tube rotators accommodate 1.5mL to 50mL tubes. Adjustable digital speed control and agitation mode can be ultilised across a broad spectrum of scientific disciplines including but not limited to molecular biology, clinical, and biochemistry.

Microplate Shaker

The Fisherbrand microplate shaker is designed for convenience and flexibility. Applications include life science, immunoassay, shaking ELISA plates, staining cells for flow cytometry, shaking plates in cold room, food and beverage, histamine in cheese, vitamins in milk testing.

Multi Purpose Tube Rotator

The Fisherbrand multi-purpose tube rotator offers flexibility with multiple carousel options, adjustable speed, and an angled head for added versatility. Features six carousel options for maximum versatility.

Open Air Rocker

Fisherbrand open air rockers are ideal for cell culture work and can be used in a variety of environmental conditions. Applications include staining and destaining gels, hybridisation procedures, haematology and blotting techniques.

Nutating Mixer - Variable Speed

Fisherbrand nutating mixer delivers gentle uniform mixing of fluids in tubes, plates, culture flasks and dishes. Variable speed from 2 to 60rpm offers gentle continuous mixing of samples.

3D Platform Rotator

Fisherbrand 3D platform rotator provides smooth orbital motion for mixing in culture flasks, dishes, plates and tubes. Gentle movement ideal for staining gels without destroying the edges or keeping fragile tissue intact during incubation.

Bottle Roller

Sleek and compact bottle/tube roller is capable of rolling multiple sizes of tubes or bottles. Adjustable digital speed control accommodates a variety of applications including cell culture, hybridisation assays, liquid mixing and bioproduction.

Multi Function 3D Rotator

The Fisherbrand multi-function 3D rotator provides flexibility in motion to include rotating, reciprocal rotating, and vibration. Applications include immune precipitations, affinity matrix, trypsinisation, gel straining and distaining, antibody staining, washes, hybridizations, southern blots, western blots.