Fisherbrand Precision series

PA Precision Fisher OEM

An excellent balance for routine weighing in general laboratory, industrial and education applications

Selectable environmental settings, three filter modes and adjustable zero tracking make the Fisherbrand Precision Series the perfect balances for working in slow filling applications where sensitivity is a must.

  • Weighing modes include weighing, parts counting and percentage weighing
  • Draft shield with three sliding doors (on 1mg models only)
  • Single line LCD
  • Three button operation
  • RS232 bi-directional interface
  • Front level indicator - no need to look in back of balance during levelling process
  • Solid diecast metal base, stainless steel pan
  • Works well in harsh environments; settings can be adjusted to compensate for vibrations and other disturbances
  • Calibration lockout
  • Security loop in rear of balance
  • Integral menu lock - a combination of software and a mechanical switch locks menus, including calibration
  • a.c. adapter (included), balance power input 8 to 14.5V a.c., 50/60Hz 4V
  • A or 8 to 20V d.c., 4W
  • Two year warranty