Invitrogen™ Thiol Fluorescent Detection Kit

Assay Thiol levels in protein and peptide containing biological buffers including Tris, phosphate, and citrate buffers.

Invitrogen™ TGF beta-1 Human/Mouse Uncoated ELISA Kit with Plates

Specifically engineered for accurate and precise measurement of human or mouse TGF beta 1 protein levels from samples including serum, plasma, and cell culture supernatants. This second generation kit has increased sensitivity with a range of 8-1000pg/mL.

Invitrogen™ TGF beta-1 Rat ELISA Kit

For the quantitative detection of rat TGF-beta1.

Invitrogen™ TGF beta-1 Human ELISA Kit

For the quantitative detection of human TGF-beta1.

Invitrogen™ Human TP53 (p53) ELISA Kit

Assay human TP53 (p53) levels in cell culture supernatants, plasma, serum samples.