BUCHI™ Vacuum Seal for Rotary Evaporators

For Buchi™ Rotary Evaporators Sealing system KD-34

BUCHI™ V-850 and V-855 Vacuum Controllers

Universal units for the display, adjustment and control of all vacuum systems V-850 stand alone (100V-230V) Incl. power pack

BUCHI™ M-565 Melting Point Instrument with Sample Loader M-569

Automatic and reliable determination of melting point, boiling point and slip melting point. Prof. Set Meltingpoint M-565 & Sample Loader M-569

Buchi Distillation Unit K-355, glass splash protector

10611494 Distillation Unit K-355, glass splash protector Distillation Unit K-355, glass splash protector

Buchi™ Ceramic Crucible

For use with B-440 Wet Digesters to aid in the ecological pre-incineration of different types of samples. Crucible 90ml for B-440

Buchi™ Glass Cap

X4 glass caps (4 pcs)

BUCHI™ Stopcocks

Stop Cock R-152

Buchi™ Drain Disks for PTFE Tubing

PTFE-disk (drain disk)

BUCHI™ Evaporating Flasks for Rotary Evaporators

Use these evaporating flasks with any rotary evaporator. Buchi™ Evaporating Flasks offer high chemical resistance against acids, alkalis and organic substances. Ideal for the distillation of solvents. EVAPORATING FLASK 29/32 500ML

Buchi™ V-100 Vacuum Pump

Cover essential vacuum generation needs with this economical diaphragm vacuum pump. Buchi™ V-100 Vacuum Pumps feature a space-saving design and chemically resistant PTFE construction. Optimally suited to work with the Rotavapor R-100. V-100 pump stand alone, woulf bottle+condenser

BUCHI™ Evaporating Flask and Accessories

Flasks made of borosilicate 3.3 glass which is resistant to chemicals and temperature changes of 180°C Evaporation Flask 100 Ml

Buchi™ Screw Connection Set

Flange screwed connection complete

Buchi™ Small Collection Vessel

Small product collection vial for high-perf. cyclone

Buchi™ F-105 Recirculating Chiller

Integration of the refrigerator in the evaporation system provide efficient distillation. Buchi™ F-105 Recirculating Chiller is a cost-effective recirculating chiller with 500 W cooling capacity, particularly suitable for Rotavaporâ„¢ R-100 systems. Recirculating Chiller, F-105 Model 500W controlled

BUCHI™ Glass Columns C-690

Glass Column 49/230 cpl.

BUCHI™ M-560/565 Melting Point Instruments

Fast and AccurateFast and accurate. BUCHI M-560/565 Melting Point Instruments have simple menus and programs that are easy to navigate on the intuitive LCD display, with either manual or automatic, real time video instrument. Basic Set: Melting Point M-560

Buchi™ Silicone Tubing

Hose, silicone 9/6 mm

Buchi™ B-767 Model Water Jet Pump Unit

Water Jet Pump B-767 Cpl.

Buchi™ Valve Unit

Valve unit R-20x/V-500

BUCHI™ V-710 Vacuum Pump Systems

Oil-free, chemically resistant vacuum pump with high flowrates and low ultimate vacuum ideal for wet chemistry Vacuum Pump V-710 EasyVac, Woulff' bottle Cond.

Buchi™ Silicon O-ring

O-Ring Silicone to spray cylinder

Buchi™ Glass Connector

Connector to suction module cpl.

Buchi™ Drain Sleeve Set

X5 deflector rings (drain sleeve)

BUCHI™ Vacuum Gasket - KD-26

Vacuum Gasket Kd 26

Buchi™ High Performance Cyclone

High-performance cyclone /collection vessel cpl.

Buchi™ Cooling Jackets

Cooling Device

BUCHI™ Distillation Spiders for Five-Flask Distillations

Process up to 5 samples in a single parallel evaporation process Spider Evaporator 100 Ml

Buchi™ Glass Bulb Tube Set with 3 Balls

Ball Tube with 3 Balls of 20ml

BUCHI™ Syncore™ Seals for Vacuum Cover Set